Celebrate the Season With Style

Hello Old Friend


In 2014, I was adventitious to pursue opening a boutique store in my home town of Whittier, California.  A single parent of a six year old at the time and taking the leap of faith to be an independent business store owner, in the tail end of a recession, putting his savings, like gambling chips, and going "ALL IN."

I know the specific reason why. 

After being in retail, fashion apparel, sales, management and a successful Fashion Buyer, I had so much passion for every dynamic facet of my industry and job.  From the selection of clothes, analysis of stacked reporting numbers and forecasts, negotiating, conversations with customers, merchandising, and the hustle.   I LOVED IT ALL!

So here was my chance to open my own store.  That store was called HAUS OF LUSUS.  

Now that I am about to launch KASAKALI, I am reflecting on my defunct boutique.  And I am having the same passion I had then, now.  The creative juices are flowing in every detail of KASAKALI from the website layout, the design and graphics of each item, to the promotion of it.  It all feels familiar to me.

I am not one to repeat or utter cliches.  But one rings true because I believe I am a testament to this particular one.

"If you do something with passion and joy, it will never feel like work."

I can say I have had a stellar career getting a healthy salary doing the very thing I love to do.  Sometimes I feel like I am robbing my employer.  But this joy and passion is real, yo!

I'm about to embark on the launch of KASAKALI to the world....and I am here reflecting about that little boutique in Uptown Whittier on Greenleaf boulevard.  

Strangely, my reflections seem like I am reuniting with a close friend.  A very genuine friend.  And I am spewing all my ideas, plans, logos, designs and strategies of KASAKALI to HAUS OF LUSUS.  

And it feels like two friends who have known each other after all these years.  

Hello old friend.